Is America Becoming A Peyton Place? Part II - 11-21-22

Nov 21, 2022    Louis Felicia Dixon Numan

We Continue to Discuss the Medical Kidnapping of our daughter, E'yona Nikia Numan, from Havenwyck (wicked) Hospital, in Auburn Hills, MI when she was 13 years old. This happened to us five to six years ago in Detroit, MI and this was done by the homosexual community under the Administration of Donald J. Trump and it started with lame duck president—Barack Obama. This took place with CPS and Havenwyck Hospital, Auburn Hills, MI.


We Also Discussed The Following:


If you "Bullhorn" about Child Castration, Butcherer, Molestation etc… - Then you are the Castrator, Butcherer, Molester 4 calling out their abominations and crimes against children;Not Healthy To have a Potus with an Alternate Lifestyle;Slavery Reparation[s];U Have 2 B Reborn;BLM is not Affiliated with Black People As A Community - They are Using My Race on Paper & Caucasion People R be benefiting of our struggles [past, present];Caucasion People R stating that Jesus Christ Is A hoax;Let Us Make Man N R Own Image;Putin [Communist] states it will be Mother & Father As Long as he is #potus;Out of 300 Million People and you can get a Potus Candidate between the Age[s] of 45-70;Red Wave - R U Sure it's Not Fire;How R U Going to establish a System of Justice in d mist of Corruption;America Is more than castration, butchering, molesting, and grooming children as young as 3yo;We R Here to transition to our final destination-u r getting 2 comfortable;Black People Need Reparation[s] for the following: Slavery; The 1994 Crime Bill; School 2 Prison Pipeline;Caucasion[s] R Haters of Self & Kind;We Have and continue to Petition D Death Angels;Black Nuclear Heterosexual Family Was a Mistake;US Gov't violated the entire Numan Family Civil Rights [Louis, Felicia, E'yona, J.D., Jr.];Day is Day and Night is Night;NY City was torn up by __________________?Homosexuals R Toxic NOT Heterosexual Men;Public Servants R Not Even Addressing Children being Chopped, Butchered, Castrated of Their Body Parts, Puberty Blocking Drugs-----;


We the descendants of Black Slaves have not been paid Slavery Reparations, but the white slave owners have been paid since April 16, 1862 because they “lost” their property (US—Black Slaves). 


Black People Also Need Reparations for D Following:The 1994 Crime Bill; School 2 Prison Pipeline.


Pay Our Lawsuit[s] - The Numan Family…….


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