What Is the Original Meaning and Purpose of The Rainbow_ Wed 0948

Jun 13, 2022    Louis Felicia Dixon Numan

Today We will continue to discuss the Corruption, Abominations, and Immorality and how it led to the Medical Kidnapping of our daughter E’yona Nikia Numan. We Continue to Discuss the Medical Kidnapping of our daughter, E'yona Nikia Numan, from Havenwyck (wicked) Hospital, in Auburn Hills, MI. We want to discuss how the homosexual LGBTQIA community has hijacked the Rainbow for Immoral and Abomination Purposes. The Original Purpose of the Rainbow was witnessed by three men in the Word of God. They are as follows: Noah saw the rainbow after the storm; Ezekiel saw the rainbow during the storm; John saw the rainbow before the storm of judgement broke loose.
You think you commit to lying on The Word of God and the output will be good. The devil is a lie. A man cannot and will not never, ever be a woman.
In the meantime, We the descendants of Black Slaves have not been paid Reparations, but our slave owners have been paid since April 16, 1862 because they “lost” their property.