Medical Apartheid - Part 3

Mar 31, 2023    Louis Felicia Dixon Numan

We have become a very overweight, plus size country and need to start taking care of our health; Obesity Is an Illness just like Cancer, Angina, Diabetes, etc.   As a Matter of Fact, Obesity leads to and put you at risk of the just named Diseases/ Illnesses and a plethora of other Illnesses and Diseases. There is NO such thing as "Fat Phobic"…….


Today We discussed the following Issue(s):

Apartheid - Policy/System of Segregation or Discrimination on the grounds of race;

What is Medical Apartheid? Segregation & Discrimination in the Medical Field Against Blacks;

We discussed our son, Louis Numan Jr. and the discrimination we faced when he was Eight (8) days Old;

Caucasion People Hate Themselves and need to deal with that issue(s);

Dr. James Marion Sims;

Systemic Racism;

No True Education of our Black Children;

Mistreatment & Misdiagnosis of Medical Illnesses of Black Slave Women & Black Slave Babies and Dr. James Marion Sims went down in History among Caucasion as "The Father of Gynecology" and among blacks as "The Father of Mistreatment & Misdiagnosis:

Neonatal tetanus is a bacterial disease which is caused by animal manure and it grows in wounds such as umbilical stumps. Instead of blaming the slave owners for not providing proper and clean living areas for these slaves to live in, Sims blamed slave women's supposed laziness as the cause of their diseases;

Dr. James Marion Sims also he took a black baby and, using a shoemaker's tools, opened the baby's brain based on his belief that black babies' skulls grew faster than the skulls of white babies, preventing their brains from growing or developing. Most of the babies died and he blamed their deaths on their supposed lack of intelligence; He also experimented on his female slaves without anesthesia because he believed according 2 research blacks were sub-human creatures who didn’t feel pain;

The Dark History of Medical Experimentation on Black Americans from Past 2 Present;

Medical Abuse of Blacks by White Institutions has created today healthcare crisis;

The Honorable Elijah Muhammad should be taught in Black History;

We As Black people have survived our "Self Hatred" of ourselves;

After he mistreated and misdiagnosed Black Americans he was rewarded with a seat as President of the [AMA] American Medical Association;

Reparations should be paid 2 Black people 4 Medical Apartheid;

Tokenism is a "Dead End Street";

Galatians 6:7;

WE thought "Conservative" meant Godly Heterosexual People of God;


We Need 2 get back to good, Old-Fashioned Exercise [30 Minutes - 60 Minutes - Daily]; Eating D Right Foods; We also need to Be Careful what we ingest into our bodies is just as important as the amount.


"Health Care Is 2 Care 4 Your Health"


We the descendants of Black Slaves have not been paid Slavery Reparations, but our slave owners have been paid since April 16, 1862 because they “lost” their property (US—Black Slaves).


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