Initial - Life & Legacy

Sep 24, 2022    Louis Felicia Dixon Numan

This podcast is being created by the Granddaughter & Grandson (Louis & Felicia) of The Late Rev, J.D. Hunter who will keep his Legacy alive, and his tireless efforts and works in the Civil Rights Movement and his 70 plus years to The Teachings of Jesus Christ. J. D. was married to Lucile Chandler for over 70 years, and Felicia gives majority of her grandmother all the credit for keeping her own the right track and successfully finishing College. Both J. D. & Lucile kept her on the right track morally, spiritually, educationally, etc. and any and all things that a parent would do if they want the best for you in your life, Felicia was noted and known as the favorite grandchild especially by her grandmother, Lucile. The Numans received Pre-Marital Counseling, Marriage Counseling and he Officiated and Married by the late Rev. J. D. Hunter, and he inspired them so much that their second child (daughter) was named after him and her name is Joan'navia Davidason (J.D. Numan) Numan. Rev. J. D. had created an organization named "Crusade For Jesus Christ" in which they want to carry on and want their children (E'yona, Joan (J.D), & Louis Jr. (Junior Numan) to learn and know about their roots in order to carry it forward. They also want people that never heard of him to know about him and his life and apply it in their life. His (legacy) granddaughter Felicia states that her grandfather did not receive the proper credit in Selma, Al. People in position(s) did this own purpose because her grandfather was not a "yes" or "rubberstamp man" , but a principled man who taught her about let you decision(s) be directed by God and not man. Stay Tuned for many episode(s) to come about the Life and Legacy of the Late J. D. (Lucile) Hunter