Black Familie[s] Need A Child Welfare Act - 11-19-22 - Part 1

Nov 19, 2022    Louis Felicia Dixon Numan

We Continue to Discuss the Medical Kidnapping of our daughter, E'yona Nikia Numan, from Havenwyck (wicked) Hospital, in Auburn Hills, MI when she was 13 years old. This happened to us five to six years ago in Detroit, MI and this was done by the homosexual community under the Administration of Donald J. Trump and it started with lame duck president—Barack Obama. This took place with CPS and Havenwyck Hospital, Auburn Hills, MI

We Also Discussed The Following:

Caucasion People R Cutting Up Children as though they are Neanderthal Era - Cutting, Castrating, & Brutalizing Children as young as 10yo;Racist , Discriminatory System have always victimized Black People;No Leader Is Addressing these very significant Issues;Black/Latino R D Majority In D CPS System;CPS Is a form of slavery that has reduced us back to slavery status;U R Not going to "kick the can" on the issues concerning CPS surveilling Black Families;Sex - Trafficking Children;Reform NOT Deform;CPS Needs Abolishing;

We the descendants of Black Slaves have not been paid Slavery Reparations, but the white slave owners have been paid since April 16, 1862 because they “lost” their property (US—Black Slaves).

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